Rules Soak Off manicure

Nail Cup Slovenija

Rules Soak Off manicure

The total time of the race is 45 minutes.

  1. The competition takes place only on natural nails, they will not be allowed the models with artificial nails.
  2. It is allowed to do the manicure to the model exclusively during the race and the last manicure must go back to the week before the race. Penalty: deduction of 10 points.
  3. It is allowed only the use of semi-permanent polish.
  4. It is allowed the use of oil for cuticles.
  5. They must be respected the normal rules of hygiene.
  6. The products used during the race must be professional and with the original label. Products with handwritten labels are not allowed.
  7. Participants can prepare the workstation exclusively before the race. Do not open the kit before the race started.
  8. On one hand goes applied the glaze semi permanent red, while on the other hand the french white.
  9. The Finish must be applied.

Soak-Off Gel Application Judging Criteria “NAIL CUP” 

Judgement 1

Smile Lines – 5 Points

  • the smile lines are crisp and reach completely up into each corner (definition between pink and white)
  • the smile lines are symmetrical and cosistent (even points and equal curvature)
  • absence of all shadows

Shape – 5 points

  • the shape is consistent finger to finger
  • the shape is proportinate to the hand

Red Soak Off Gel Polish Application – 10 Points

  • the soak off gel polish completely covers the entire nail (close to the cuticle and covers all edges)
  • the application is smooth, even and clean
  • the soak off gel polish is evenly spaced around the cuticles
  • the hairline tip is covered with soak off gel polish

Finish Work – 10 Points

  • the edges of the nails are smooth and finished
  • the nails are thoroughly clean (absence of dust)

Judgement 2

Cuticle Area – 10 points

  • the product is close to but not touching the cuticles
  • the model’s skin at the cuticle area is in excellent condition (free from abrasions and product)

Surface Smoothness – 10 points

  • the entire surface of the finished nail is smooth and very shiny
  • nails are free from dull areas
  • there are no dips, bumps or high spots on the suface

Pink and White Soak Off Gel Polish Application – 10 points

  • the white soak off gel polish completely covers the free edge of the nails, including the hairline tip
  • the white soak off gel polish is solid and completely free from all shadows
  • the pink soak off gel polish is even in shape and spacing around the cuticles
  • the application is smooth, even and clean

Product Control – 10 points

  • the soak off gel polish is free of pooling at cuticles and lateral folds
  • the soak off gel polish is applied thin and evenly free of wrinkles and streaking

Judgement 3

Length – 5 points

  • the length, measured from cuticle to the free edge is consistent between matching nails (pinkie to pinkie, etc.) and in proportion to each other
  • the length appears balanced on the models hands

Lateral View & Surface Structure – 10 points

  • gel soak off polish application at sidewall and surface is even and straight
  • sidewalls of natural nails are consistently shaped
  • the top surfaces of application is smooth and perfectly contoured
  • the bottom surfaces of application are smooth and perfectly contoured

Underside of Nails – 5 Points

  • the underside of the nails are clean and free from all soak off gel polish
  • the underside of each hand should look the same

Overall Impression – 10 Points

  • the soak off gel polish complements the model’s hands
  • the soak off gel polish complete application is complete and needs no improvement
Scoring Guide 2 Hands Scoring Guide 1 Hand
10 = Flawless 5 = Average 5 = Flawless
9 = Almost Flawless 4 = Below Average 4 = Very Good
8 = Very Good 3 = Poor 3 = Average
= Good 2 = Very Poor 2 = Below Average
6 = Above Average 1 = Unacceptable 1 = Very Poor