General terms and register form


General Terms, conditions of use of technical connections and equipment of the exhibition space

1. Order

The exhibitor – client orders services correctly and fully completed order form. The exhibitor – client shall submit the order to the contractor no later than 01/march/2023. The exhibitor – client confirming the order irrevocably orders services and agrees to the terms and conditions of the contractor. The contract is for the Exhibitor – the client binding and irrevocable Addendum to login. Provisory orders will not be considered.

2. By contract, the exhibitor – client obliges to pay service that is marked on the Order according to the price list of services and conditions of the provider.

3. Condition for performance of the contract is correctly and fully completed order form.

4. The contractor reserves the right to choice of material and equipment to perform the contract, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Termination of the contract

In case of cancellation of the contract more than 15 days before the event, entitled to a cancellation fee of 40% of contract value. If the order is canceled less than 15 days before the event, the cancellation fee amounts to 100% of the contract value. In both cases, the cancellation fee is the agreed lump-sum compensation for the damage performer.

6. Payment Terms

The exhibitor – client receives a pro forma invoice, which is required to fully con- act by the deadline stated on it. This payment is a condition for the execution of the contract. Upon completion of service or end of the event provider issues an invoice to the exhibitor – client. The contractor reserves the right to charge for late payments related legal interest. Opposition to the invoice issued must be submitted within eight days from the date of invoice. If the exhibitor – client objects only to a part of the invoice must settle the undisputed part within the agreed deadline.

7. Cancelling orders

The Contractor shall have the right to cancel the previously confirmed order in the following cases:

  • if the exhibitor – client is not within settle its liabilities,
  • if the exhibitor – client outstanding obligations to the contractor in the past,
  • if the exhibitor – the client contrary to the general working conditions on the fairgrounds.
  • Force majeure

8. In case the event is canceled due to force majeure, the provider is entitled to have the contract done 50% of the agreed contract value.

9. Technical conditions

The exhibitor – in time (the contract by the deadline indicated in the header of this purchase order) in writing (e-mail, fax, mail) to provide all the technical requirements for the implementation of the exhibition space or the preparation of technical connections. When ordering it is necessary to take into account all valid regulations on fire safety, safety at work and general working conditions on the fairgrounds.

10. Acceptance conditions

The acquisition performed by the exhibitor – client and representative of the contractor no later than:

  • 12 hours before the event for furnished exhibition space;
  • 2 hours before the event for electrical, telecommunication and water connections,
  • until the beginning of the event for additional orders and services that were not ordered on time. The exhibitor – client, who fails to take over the completed order is not entitled to restitution for services provided.

11. Warranty and Insurance
a) The exhibitor – client shall be obliged to protect the hired equipment and materials. For any damages or losses arising held fully responsible.

b) for incorrect orders (forms) takes no answer

The contractor will charge all corrections and additional interventions as a result of changes in the contract.

c) Interventions in construction, installation or equipment without the knowledge of the contractor are not allowed

d) The exhibitor – client may not rent the exhibition space, installation, leased equipment or material to a third party. In case of violation the provider reserves the right to charge a contractual penalty in the form of a 50 percent premium value of the contract under this purchase order.

12. The exhibitor – client renounces all contestations arising from copyright.

13. The Contractor undertakes to hand over cleaned exhibition space and equipment.

14. Any dispute between the parties to the jurisdiction of Ljubljana District Court.