Rules Poster

Nail Cup Slovenija

Poster theme “Shakespeare” 

General rules / ground rules

The contest is open to all who are engaged in nail design. Nails must be made only with a professional nail material.

The evaluation will be in two categories:

  • The best idea for nail advertising. The winning poster is the one who would bring the most new clients to your business.
  • Fantasy appearance in creation.

General requirements

  1. Name of the product should be written on a poster; its optional to use quotes.
  2. Artistic signature of a nail Designer must be laid in the right corner bellow.
  3. All posters must be sent in a digital form to the following address: no later than on 1.4.2023.
  1. The dimensions of printed posters must be 420x594mm (A2 format).
  2. Use of programs for improving photos is allowed only for color corrections of the face, hands and body design, any other corrected forms or interference with nails are forbidden.
  3. Any competitor who has declared his product to the competition ensures the uniqueness of their product with full copyright (-nails are produced himself).

Otherwise, the organizer of the competition or the refereeing commission  has the right to disqualify contestants, without compensation for participation.

  1. The rules:
    1. Product in the picture must be in the center, photo must be an original and can be used as an advertisement in the lounge.
    2. Productsare artificial nails.Nail design, length and shape can be optional.
    3. Product must be completed.
    4. It can be used: nail polish, acrylic paint, acrylic, gel, nail art decorations, … all material nail desgn except seals and stickers.
    5. At least four nails must be painted.
    6. The picture must emphasize the beauty of nails, nails must not be saloon, but in the fantasy style.
    7. In the category of best idea for advertising nails, onlyhands should play a central role.
    8. Additional equipment and accessories are only aids – as decoration in the photo.

Poster in phsyisical form send to address at least untill 1.4.2023: LOVE BEAUTY d.o.o., Mariborska cesta 86, 3000 Celje.

If you wish we organize printing poster inform us about your request and send us original file by email.

Evaluation rules:

  1. Overall Impression 5 points
  • The quality of the product, the general impression or appearance. It is important that the theme of the product is immediately identifiable.
  • Artistic signature must be creative
  1. Masterpiece product 5 points
  • The assessment will be how professionally photographed the product is, compliance with a model and hands on the photo
  • Technique – it will be assessed how many different techniques is used, the quality of interlaced materils and the ability of intermingling with different nail art techniques. 
  1. Compatibility of color 5 points
  • Colors should be harmonious, matching with the theme of the product. The management skills of color harmonies will be also evaluated.
  1. Uniqueness of the product 5 points
  • the uniqueness of using unusual , innovative ideas and materials will be evaluated.
  1. Technical perfection 5 points
  • Evaluation is centered on nail design, special attention is paid to the technical complexity of manufacturing the nail.
  1. Shape nails 5 points
  • Nail patterns may be different, but consistent on both hands.

The maximum can be obtained is 30 points.

The minimum may be obtained is 22 points.

(the cost of printing the poster is included in the registration fee)