Nail Cup Slovenija



  1. Media Box has to be prepared before the competition and must be delivered as Event Scheduling
  2. The participant may submit up to a maximum of 2 Box and must present them personally hour dedicated programming Kermesse
  3. The work of the Media Box must be created solely by the participant, excluding penalty race
  4. The box will remain exposed for the entire duration of the competition in the windows dedicated. And ‘the duty of the participant to worry about the withdrawal at the end of the day of the race and before the awards ceremony.
  5. Media Box submitted for the competition must not have won awards in previous competitions. They will indeed be available to judges the photos of previous awards.
  6. The box containing the nail art must have a transparent top from which it is visible to the judges the work, must be clean, without embellishment, opening (in order to allow judges to touch the tip) and must have at most a size of 30×30 and a maximum height of 10 cm.
  7. The boxes that do not fit in this size will not be assessed and excluded from the competition.
  8. The work must include 10 tip made so climb. Jobs that have the tip of the same size will not be assessed.
  9. The tip can be displayed separately in one box and the theme must be continuous.
  10. Participants, for the creation of nail art, must use as follows:
    • ART BOX 2019 Mix technique, theme “HARRY POTTER”
  11. They will be enriched with pearls, rhinestones, lace, metallic accessories and glitter of all forms. All that does not fall in these materials is not permitted and, if used, will be reason for exclusion from the competition
  12. It is not allowed to use airbrushes.
  13. Once delivered you can make changes or additions to the “Media Box”