Sabina Remar

Fashion is her life. She has worked in the fashion world for over 15 years and is also the holder of beauty flattering title of Miss Universe Slovenia.Sabina Remar

As a model, she has traveled almost the entire world, from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece to all over the USA.

Among other things, she also participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Her face is used for several fashion brands campaigns. Having an extensive experience in the field of, commercials (Peugeot, Finlandia, Fortis Bank, Opet,…) and the world famous music videos, such as Enur feat. Nastasja – Calabria 2007, she also participated in a few minor roles in films and series.

She is also The face of Parisax Professional Slovenia.

She just launched her own collection of unique handmade jewelry by Sabina Remar.

Her passion is to pass on the wealth of knowledge she gained throughout the years in modeling, fashion industry, and everything connected with the entertainment world, to the younger generation and to all of those who want to make a breakthrough in their modeling career.