Romana Praprotnik


13._predsednica_Drustva_diabetikov_Velenje,_ga._Romana_PraprotnikMy name is Romana Praprotnik and I am coming from Velenje. When in 1987 I fell sick with diabetes type 1, my world fell to pieces, mostly because I was an active sportswoman. And then, all at once, I had to be very careful to prevent falls and increases of blood sugar. As diabetic I very soon had to learn on my own costs the importance of having feet in good order. Years ago I have visited a chiropodist. As she did not perform her work professionally I nearly lost my leg. So I in 2004 decided to become medical chiropodist. I have a medical basis and I devote a lot of my attention to the correct care of feet. Later I accomplished a vocational qualification as medical chiropodist.

I work as volunteer and am as humanitarian performing the function of the president of the Diabetic Association Velenje for many years. Besides I am each year regularly taking part on workshops and educational meetings in the field of diabetes and taking care of feet, in my country as well as abroad. I have also helped with the edition of the booklet “When it is hurting up to the sky – Neuropathic pain” which is kind of a guidebook for people confronting this severe pain of feet.

I have prepared a lecture about “How to take care for your feet at home”. It is about urgency of pedicure when having problems with your feet and most of all, how to take care of your feet at home. When to buy shoes and which kind of shoes is suitable? Why inspecting your feet at home is so very important? Which creams are suitable for a certain kind of feet? All this should lead to one single thought: We have only one pair of feet, they are carrying the whole body and we most often forget them.