Kristijan Petek


Top hair stylist, ambassador of the CAP for central and eastern Europe and north Asia. Kristijan Petek 02


Kristijan Petek is top hair stylist, creative director and manager KSFH- Kristijan Styling Frizerska hiša, which operates in Celje, Trbovlje and Lucija. He is well known as hair virtuoso with popular rhetoric skills and technical perfection.


Kristijan Petek also runs numerous educational programs. His programs are formed for the smaller number of participants, because of individual approaches and ensurance of best practical work and techniques.

He works closely with various fashion designers, photographers, televisions and magazines. Lead of his creative team is “innovation, education and accuracy!”

The beginnings of his work is dating back to 1993, when it opened his first hairdressing salon and entered the world of hairdressing and set new standards of hairdressing in Celje. His work in recent years has expanded to include the project Atelje-  which is specializes in trade with wigs, hairpieces plugins and extensions of natural or synthetic hair accessories for their care and hats.

On Saturday afternoon  you can expect  an exclusive show combined with techniques and procedures that will allow without significant prejudice to hair or the hair structure.  The big change of shorhair into longhair. Do not expect keratin earbuds and a standard extensions, expect the “art” of transformation for a weddings or special occasiosn.