Gabriele Kainz

Sometimes it isn’t that easy to describe a famous person in a few words because business success is the end of a hard Gariele Kainz and long way with several influences, happenings and intensive work.

Gabriele Kainzhas been one of the most formative and successful nail technician in Europe since 2000; as guarantee for the best results in many competitions with a lot of wins and podium places; sometimes also as feared opponent for companies and competitors, who sometimes tried to stop the success from these first-rate talent.

The cosmetician, also wife and soon mother of 4 children, has been active in nail technich for about 14 years now. Coming from a humble background, she employs with her partner 8 assistants in different establishments for classic beauty treatments, permanent make-up, micro blading, pedicure, exclusive methods of hair removal, eyelash extensions and a specialized shop for nail products.

The main focus is and will remain on natural nail design and nail art, for which Gabriele Kainzcreated her own, international famous training centre some years ago.

Many famous cosmeticians, national and international winners from nail design and nail art competitions have been educatedin her training centre, just as many self-employed successful people. (2013 most of the winners in the competitions in Austria had been trained in this training centre)

Who gets to know Gabriele Kainz really feels the pleasure she has by working in her dream job and the energy she gets from loving her job. She has been communicating these happiness and passion as instructor in many famous companies and as competent jurymember in different competitions for a few years.

Fairness and honesty are important factors which determine her life, as well as respect without envy, recognition of brilliant efforts and discernment in the way she behaves with her fellow men and colleagues.