Antony Buckley

Antony Buckley – Quick bio antony web

  • 1992 finished studying fashion and design and began a career in nails. I was began at a local salon then moved to a salon in Bolton. Whilst there I took further classes and finally began to do some of the education for the beand that they carried at the time
  •  1995 The Bolton salon – California Nails started distribution for EzFlow Nail Systems. I started to use and teach with EZFlow. I also started on the competition circuit in the UK with numerous 2nd and 3rdplacings.
  •  2000 After further training and a lot of practice I became the first International Master Artist Educator for EzFlow Nail Systems in Europe. And started to travel throughout Europe for trade shows and trainings.
    •  1st place French sculpt, national championships
  • 2001
    • 1st place French sculpt national championships
  • 2003
    • 1st place winner of winners
  • 2004
    • Nailympics japan:   4th – gel tip overlay ; 5th – French twist;  7th French sculpture
  • 2005-2011
    • numerous 2nd and 3rdplacings in japan with design sculpture and emboss design

Trained numerous competition winners in the UK. I also became a staff member od Nail Unique of Japan – teaching classes there as well as salon work and tradesow/stage/classroom presentation. This also saw me travelling worldwide teaching for various brands as part of my job as an AII Global Educator.

  •  2010 became European Director of Education for Hand and Nail Harmony

I get my ideas/influences/inspiration from lots of different area. Its usually from my students or collegues – finding and idea or technique that I like and trying to improve on it or give it a twist to make it personal to me. One of my biggest influences is Danny Haile – and not just because he’s my boss lol he continues to push as inspire me to this day, even after 14 years of working along side him.

The industry today is totally different to when I began, its a lot bigger and the choice people have is amazing. Its great to have so many high quality nail products on the market today, as an educator it helps keeps me focused and as a professional consumer it means that anything is available and possible! The biggest trend I have seen in the industry is the move to soak of gels/soak off gel polish/ gel and polish hybrids. It’s a breath of fresh air and is allowing professions to reach a totally different clientel.