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Announcing the new WISDOM collection.

Foto: Mimi Antolović, Make up: Lea Bratušek, Styling: Nina Jagodić

New collection is still drawing and cooming soon!

Performance by MIC STYLING ART TEAM:

Sasho Kremich – MODERN SHAG

salon friendly most popular haircut these days look & learn LIVE STREAM from LONDON

Who is Sasha Kremich?
An artistic and ambitious hairdresser who raises creativity to new levels. Regardless of whether she is in the salon, teaching or traveling the world as an educator, Sasha never ceases to impress with her passion for hair.
He believes that even the ordinary can be something extraordinary if we allow ourselves to be freed from our own limitations.
Since education is one of his core values, Sasha is distinguished by high-quality skills,
accuracy and technical details. All this, combined with the artistically reinforced aesthetics, makes Sasha unique.
In his more than 20-year career, he has already made numerous achievements. Among other things, he is a member of the award-winning artistic team Trevor Sorbie and a judge of the L’Oréal Style & Color Trophy for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His collaborations are also marked by big names such as the famous photographer Tim Walker. His early
activities in Slovenian were as an international educator and demonstrator for Ilirija d.o.o. and
ambassador for Wella and Sebastian porfessionals. After six years, Trevor Sorbie is an active member of the team
held the position of Senior Education Specialist. In any case, as the founder of the Fellowship for club, he
We attribute a great contribution to the movement and development of the hairdressing industry in Slovenia and in the Adriatic region to Slovenian Hairdressing. His HOW TO COMB IT Instagram interviews have made lasting positive changes in the hairdressing community.
His ambitions are constantly changing, and his creativity is constantly growing, so it is certain that
Sash’s career has no boundaries to stop him, which is also proven by his fresh and modern approach to
to this year’s Beauty Forum, where he will ensure that visitors do not leave the presentation indifferent.

Akademija Trimužijat

The Trimuzijat Academy team will present spring/summer 2023 fashion to you on stage, new fashionable hairstyles, contrast dyeing and the design of new curl shapes. 

Trimužijat is a Slovenian company that has been operating for 30 years.

The company is family-owned, with the second generation already involved. The added value of the company is the Hairdressing Academy, which has been operating since 1995. From the very beginning, we have been focused on the development of the hairdressing profession. At the Academy in Logatec, we conduct haircutting, coloring and fashion seminars, and some seminars are also held online – via the Internet.

The main focus goes right to the school of geometric haircuts – Prismi, which leads the hairdresser to knowledge from all initial techniques to more advanced or high styling. We also teach the Color class system, or the development of coloring in the salon from the basics to more demanding color creations.



The entire team will answer the 10 questions that salon owners ASKED us most often AND WHICH WERE THE MOST WORRYING.

In this interactive lecture, you will get clear answers that every beauty and hair salon owner should know.

Here are just a few of the questions we’ve been asked and we’ll answer them for you.

  1. How much do I actually earn from the salon? Is this correct or am I wrong?
  2. What should I pay attention to and know before looking for a new colleague?
  3. Not sure if employee chairs are positioned correctly? How do I do this?
  4. How to ensure that the employees know exactly what I expect from them and what I do not want, what is happening in the salon? I’m tired of repeating and saying the same things!
  5. I am tormented by the thought that I have invested in an employee and he will leave! How can I change this mind? Should I invest in employees when they leave anyway?
  6. The salon works well, we have work, but I am a “slave” of the salon! Nothing is possible without me, and when I’m not in the salon, nothing works. How can I change this? I would like to work less in the salon.
  7. What exactly do I need to do as a salon manager? I am not sure. I don’t like being a boss, I would like to be “friends” with my employees. I give them everything and they are ungrateful, so I am angry!
  8. Which salon data do I need to keep and know on a weekly or monthly basis? A lot of things are run by an accountant, so I really don’t understand these numbers.
  9. I know that meetings with employees are important, but I don’t know how often and how to organize them? What to talk about?

10.. I don’t know how to increase the prices. I’m afraid all the customers will leave? How much to increase? I’m not sure, so I’m not changing anything and I’m not satisfied.


All-day ticket HAIR FORUM and Patrick Cameron 16/04/2023, €200 + VAT.

All-day ticket Barber Classicks 15/04/2023 €120+VAT

All-day ticket HAIR FORUM and Patrick Cameron 16/04/2023, €200 + VAT.

Only HAIR FORUM on Sunday 16.4.2023 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ticket price €160 + VAT.

Only Patrick Cameron on Sunday 16/04/2023 at 17:00, €100 + VAT.

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