Evgen Gec

Evgen Gec

Makeup artist, beauty consultant and sales coach Evgen GecEvgen Gec

His career as a makeup artist began in 1996 in Bologna in the » Make Up For Ever« school. Before that he worked for several years at sales predominantly in the cosmetics, eventually he mastered at his field. His knowledge about sales of cosmetics and expertise regarding the use of cosmetic products has so far provided more than 10,000 trainees in Slovenia and abroad.

As a makeup artist he complement his skills in Milan, Monza, Vienna, Malomo-ROM Caness and Paris. In the late nineties and early 2000’s make-up in Slovenia was taking place for a number of renowned brands such as Shiseido, Max Factor, IsaDora, NEE Make Up Milano, Make Up 2000, and others, and collaborated with renowned distributors of cosmetics such as Beiersdorf, Orbico, Oriflame and lemon. Make-up was carried out for different occasions of selections for Miss Slovenia, Miss Earth, Miss Italia before Nell mondo, Miss Alpe Adria International … He is a beauty consultant in numerous professional journals and radio and TV houses.

In 2006 he published his first »make-up« book, which was the first professional book on the techniques of makeup. In 2014, the book was upgraded and become a unique guide for every woman. Last year he produced the first prototype of personalized books about makeup. The book is a unique product of its kind in the world and opens up an entirely new approach to the application of make-up. In the final preparation is also a textbook about sales in the beauty profession, which is useful and helpful for anyone in cosmetics field of work..

In 2009, together with Barbara Visket, he began to train make-up artists in the context of NPK and so far has graduated already 17 generations of make-up artists. For many years he taught makeup application techniques and represented a make-up in various schools and other educational institutions.

Recently primarily operates in the field of education in beauty salons.


The theme of the lecture:

How in to double ernings in a month

To many people this may seem impossible but the cosmetics business is in continuous growth and opportunities for successful work are outstanding but only for those who are willing to step forward and avoid stagnation. The crisis is nothing more than a lack of working methods. Many in the short term to increase revenue in the lounge for more than 50%, primarily by methods that are accessible to everyone, are simple and effective, which is why lecture is particularly recommend to those who:

  • They want to find out what is necessary to do to have a successful salon.
  • They spend most of the day in the lounge.
  • They are working more and more, while earnings are declining.
  • Be aware of risk of operations with discounts.
  • They want to sell better services, including products.
  • They want to learn how to build and enhance the value of the individual services.
  • They want to learn about pitfalls and benefits of the introduction of new services.
  • They want to reduce operating costs.
  • They want to learn how to get good staff and how to increase their productivity.

By presenting practical examples you will also gain useful information, which are very important for advanced performance. Among other things, we will present a number of ideas and opportunities, including information which may be used effectively in your work. An old proverb says that to create something is necessary to do something or to change.

This lecture is intended for those who want something more.

Evgen Gec